ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research

ZAL – Center of Applied Aeronautical Research – is the technological research and development network of the civil aviation industry in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. It functions as an interface between academic & research institutions and the aviation sector, aimed at securing and continually expanding the world’s third largest civil aviation location in Hamburg.

ZAL’s focus is on the integration and industrialization of aviation technologies. To achieve this, ZAL networks industry and science, establishing an application-oriented think-tank culture, and making the very latest research and development infrastructure available to its partners.

In this way, fusing the specific expertise of its partners, ZAL supports the widest range of research and development projects in the field of civil aviation – projects that are jointly owned and jointly developed by all participants working together as partners. The constant focus on the latest technological developments means that ZAL is the birthplace of visionary ideas. After a lengthy development and test phase, these ideas grow into innovative products for the international aviation industry.

ZAL is thus making a substantial contribution to the creation of a new form of cooperation between the academic and engineering sectors.