Innovation Award of German Aviation

Welcome to the Innovation Award of German Aviation - IDL!

You're invited to find updates and news about IDL and it's third time awarding innovations and new projects. IDL addresses companies, Start-Ups and private individuals to present their newest developments out of the area of civil aviation. The presented innovations should create a clear benefit for participants within the whole system of civil aviation. 

IDL is a platform for broad communication between partcipants of it's network and builds linkages to other branches, especially the IT-Branch.

IDL 2018 award ceremony will take place at ILA 2018

The IDL 2018 award ceremony will take place at ILA Berlin 2018, the leading fair for innovation and leadership in aerospace. As in 2016 we are pleased to honour our award winners during this high-class event. We are looking forward to new innovations!

Special category 2018: Cross-Innovation

IDL strengthens its concept of building bridges to other branches. The special award category cross-innovation honours innovations out of non-aviation branches that find usage in the aviation industry and vice versa, innovations that have been developed for aviation and get used in other branches.

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IDL 2017 award winners are announced and have been honoured during the award ceremony on June, 29th 2017 in Berlin. 


Category Customer Journey: Jetlite

Category Digitisation: Airbus Operations

Category Flying outside the box: Wingcopter

Category Reduction of emissions: Premium Aerotec


IDL 2017 award ceremony

IDL 2017 magazine

1. Innovation Award of German Aviation winners are chosen


On May, 31th 2016 IDLs first award winners were honoured during the ILA Berlin Airshow. 

Award winners are
Wingly/BERLARIC from Berlin, Category Startup,

Airbus Operation from Hamburg, Category Digitisation GmbH from Berlin, Category Customer Journey

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Category Reduction of emissions


Review of IDL 2016